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Secrets Found in Silence

on September 17, 2010

For some time now if you asked me what my favorite pass time was, my response would have been, “sitting in silence.”  Bet you are wondering how that is possible when my house is full of children who by day run and play and beg of my attention at every waking moment.  You would be right to wonder.  Even now Jesse is running past me down the hall, around the corner, leaping off a chair, and back again, all the while yelling as loud as his vocal chords will allow.  Jesse, “Go to bed!” rolls of my tongue once more.  The silence being spoken of here is of a different nature – one that demands a shifting of activities, a disciplining of the human nature, and a turning of the heart.  You see, the Lord has had me in a place of silence.  A place non-existent and contrary to the bustling of our world system and all that it desires of us.

Let me explain…

Have you ever had the Lord call you to a place, give you vision, give you aptitude and resources and hope and and and and…only to have it all come to a screeching halt.  Under the direction of Holy Spirit’s emphatic determination to have me hear Him at that moment of noise and clamor, He said, “I want you to be quiet and listen.  Don’t speak unless I say.”  My response was immediate “Yes Lord. What am I listening for?”  Again, “I dont want you to speak – just listen.  Listen everywhere you go.  Speak only when spoken to.”  Upon carrying this conversation on a bit further it came to my attention that He wasn’t making a suggestion to be quiet for awhile, but to alter my complete life routine.  For a while it seemed my life outside of being home and being home and being home, well you get the picture, was all there was.  No more bible study groups, no more friends to hang with, no more ministry, no more.

The most amazing thing happens when one comes to this place of silence.  Wisdom shows up.  The Person of-not the just revelation, but Him Self.  He stands beside and begins to proclaim mysteries and secrets unfathomed.  He draws lines where once there were no boundaries and fervently declares His leadership.  Wisdom helps you stay in the place of silence when you’d rather go outside and play.  Vindicator also arrives in a place of silence with His sword drawn and His wings spread wide to gather you in.  Your name is His and He defends His own.  In a place of silence you allow Him to show you His vindication proclaims you worthy to love and to be loved because you bear His name.  In the silent place the Man of Sorrows comes to your aid.  He knows your name and shame and is acquainted with your grief stricken heart.  The Man of Sorrows has pains and burdens of His own He longs to share with His friends.  “Will you intercede with me over these things?”  Truth comes forth in a piercing light that divides asunder every lying thought, every ill spoken word, every ugly accusation, and speaks in soft whispers to hold you in from your wanderings.  Every stronghold brought forth and cut off.  Every principality is defeated.  Every dark power disarmed.  Love arises to depths untold.  This One called Love is an everlasting hope and comfort.  He never leaves nor forsakes, nor relaxes His hold.  In this place of silence with Love you KNOW you are not alone.

There are so many secrets to be found in this place, so many many mysteries.  In the beginning the place of silence is deafening and you want to escape.  But as He reveals Who He is all the  noise and clamor that once fell between your ears becomes silent compared to His voice.  Some things which used to be important no longer are and others which weren’t become top priority.

Recently, Holy Spirit spoke again and He told me the silence was over for now and to  continue with that which He had led me toward before and though excitement to see all He has in store breaks forth from my soul, my spirit remains in a place of quiet and rest. Though activities have resumed, His presence is ever near, His voice more clear and prevalent in the midst of the noise.  And even now, just thinking of Him, it is quiet once more.  Secrets in silence come again…


2 responses to “Secrets Found in Silence

  1. Marie says:

    Wow Cindy! Thought I was reading Jeanne Guyon’s book for a moment there. She stresses so much the need for silence before God and oh, how she disliked idle chatter. She remained silent so much in the presence of others (because she wasn’t going to utter anything not of God) that people thought she was too simple and stupid. She considered it joy to suffer in silence though – no matter what anyone thought.
    You have a beautiful spirit, Cindy. So much to share with others. Thank you for letting us see into your life more clearly. I have much to learn from you.

    • Thank You Marie, I didnt know that about her. I hate idle chatter too. I dont think people think Im simple or stupid but being silent has caused me much accusation at times. Jesus said he never speaks except what the Father speaks. I have come to understand the suffering of silence as well as the joy-it is worth it.

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