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Adoption- The Good and The Bad-Children’s Thoughts

on September 21, 2010

What adoption means to me.  By Hannah

Adoption means you bring a child/children into your home and make them yours.  You take care of them and love them.  There are some good things about adopting a child.  We are storing up treasures in heaven when we bring children into your family.  By bringing them in and loving them unconditionally we can show them the love of God.  There are also some bad things that come along with adopting.  Some of the children come with problems like emotional, neglect, and rejection issues.  But no matter what, we love them and take care of them until the end.

Hayleigh’s thoughts:

I think adoption means taking in a child with no home and giving them a home, becoming their family, and loving them no matter how they act.  There is good that comes out of adopting a child and there is also bad that comes from it.  The good would be if you get a child that appreciates you and the things you do for him or her, and your child loved you even though you were not his or his/her biological parents.  The bad would be , if the child you adopted hated your guts because you didnt give birth to him/her and they blamed you for everything that happened to them when they were younger or before they came to live with you.  The bible tells us to take care of the orphans and give them a home.  To feed them and put clothes on their backs.  Sooner or later they will learn to love you for who you are and not for who they want you to be.

What Adoption is to me: by Abby

When you get adopted you are no longer an orphan.  The person who adopted you has accepted you as their child and they will always love you.

Closing thoughts:

Adoption is not something to take lightly.  It is a daily dying to self to love someone who may or may not ever love in return.  To love through pain and tears and heartache and to always hope that healing will come-even if you don’t get to see it this side of heaven.  James 1:27 commands us to take care of the orphan in their time of need.  I personally do not believe that every one is meant to adopt.  However, I do believe this verse means that everyone is suppose to care for the orphan.  Prayerfully consider your role in this command.  If you are called to adopt, what are you waiting for? If not-find a family who has and pray to see what role you might play in helping to care for the children they have been called to adopt.  I can personally guarantee they need you.  Find an orphan to sponsor, or to be a Big Brother or Sister to until their time comes for a permanent family. Love isnt simple, but it changes you, and in the end it is worthwhile.


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