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The Miracle of Today

on September 26, 2010

Sitting here alone in the dark.  Its the first sign of quiet today.  Oh, I can here the air conditioning unit, an occasional shuffle of the dog’s nails as he clumsily slides across the wood floor, and the ceiling fan twisting overhead, but for now the last of the children have all gone to rest after the days long events.  One child away babysitting.  Another, off with a grandparent.  Boys climbing trees and creating mobiles from twigs and string.  A little girl creating a character for her Sunday school class, complete with costume.  Just a small look at the days events.  So much more goes into a day in the life of a single Mom with six kids.  Most of the day is spent traveling, correcting, teaching, feeding, redirecting, disciplining, being disappointed-mostly at myself, hoping, being unsure-but trusting, leaning, tested to my wits end, and doing all of this in a seemingly, unending and continuous circle.

Today on trail walk in the heat at the park, feeling tired, I prayed and asked the Lord to allow me to experience a miracle. To show me something of Himself before the days end.  Something that I could unmistakably see and know He was with us.  The days have been long, lately.  Frustrating at times, and on the best of days, still exhausting.  But sitting here in the dark resting in a big, comfy chair, the remembrance of my prayer comes to me and the questioning of whether or not I had experienced His presence-a miracle of sorts.  The day was spent with my kids.  No one was physically hurt.  Provision was made for everything needed.  We made it through this day and now the children-all but one, are asleep in their own beds.  The one, away-safe and with Godly people.  Me now sitting alone and getting some much needed rest.  Miracle after miracle occurred today. Too numerous to count.  Miracles are happening all around us each day.  He never leaves nor forsakes.  His presence always near.  Open up my eyes Lord that they might see the miracles of each day anew.


2 responses to “The Miracle of Today

  1. Cherry says:

    Very good observation. I know that I need to recognize the hand of God in the day to day things of life. He is always there protecting and leading us but we tend to just accept it as ordinary. Nothing about our Lord is ordinary, we are so blessed!

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