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Why Are We So Serious?

on September 28, 2010

The Lord gave me this years ago, but it seems so fitting now……..

Why Are We So Serious?

Why are we so serious? Everything seems ridiculous! Its funny, you know, sometimes I dream of being a child again.

Walking barefoot in the rain – hopping from puddle to puddle.

Watching butterflies land on tiny flowers.

Riding bikes with friends – playing tag and Mother May I.

Its not fair. We think we make the rules.

If we did, would we choose to be a child again?

Running after a puppy – drawing pictures for our Mommies.

Holding hands and skipping down the road – kicking cans.

Why are we so serious? Maybe we are delirious!

Who said games are for children anyway?

Children love through unconditional eyes.

If they fall, they want to be hugged. Deep inside, under the pride, we do too.

Laughter beams within their little eyes. No place or time for lies.

I spy…to them its just a game, but now we play for gain.

What glory do we receive? Do we win? I think its sin.

Hide and seek was the most fun when we were caught.

But now we hide and can’t be found. We want it that way.

Why are we so serious. Maybe we’re just furious!

Who caused this anger anyway? When did it happen?

Who turned on the light and said, “Its time to grow up?”

Or, was the light turned off inside? What does grown-up mean anyway?

Why can’t we run and hop and jump? Why can’t we dance and play?

Who makes these rules anyway?

Who said stop laughing so loud, when we’re glad?

All I want is a hug – a BIG one – a big bear hug from a friend.

A hug that seems to never end.

Will you hold my hand just because we are friends and you want to be close to me? Probably not. After All we are grown-up now!  Someone might be watching.  Touching is not aloud.  Where is the child at now?

One things hasn’t changed – we’re still pretending to be someone we are not. Why are we so serious? Can someone please deliver us? From the pain. From the shame. From the heartache we cause ourselves.

A baby was born today.

Who will teach him to play?


7 responses to “Why Are We So Serious?

  1. Marie says:

    Profound, Cindy. Maybe us girls could indulge in a little fun Friday night or plan a fun day when we could all be kids again. I love this poem – it really makes me think of carefree times. We should still be carefree since we are in the Master’s hands!
    There’s a goldmine/animal park in Villa Rica I would love to go to. I don’t know how much it costs, but it would be fun for adults AND children.

  2. Marie says:

    Bummer. The cost is $5 per adult / $4 children 5-12 / and kids under 4 no charge for the museum. If you want to pan for gold, it’s an additional $5 per bucket.
    The exception is for groups of 15 or more with an appointment. Then the prices are $6 per adult / $3 per child. This includes one bucket for panning per person.
    Sounds a little high for our poor little group. 🙂
    Maybe there’s something else for free that we can do. I’ll look into it.

    • Id still like to take my kids.

      • Marie says:

        Cindy, Carla Smothers is the one who runs the Gold Mine Museum. IO messaged her and she said for me to call her when we knew we were coming and let her know what we can pay and she will set it up for us. She said they don’t turn people away because they can’t pay! I’ll bring it up on Friday night and maybe we can plan a day next week to go.

      • Cool let us know what everyone says. WE would like to go. maybe we could get a bigger group together???

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