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A Mother’s Prayer

on September 29, 2010

Father of Life,

Shine down upon my girls and boys.  Lord they need so much more than games and toys.  Give them undisturbed peace and joy.  Give them boldness in You that they might not be coy.  Lord, speak forth life as Your Word they obey.  Give them hope for the future, give them brighter days.  Father, help them destroy all demonic lies, and cut off any unholy ties.  Give them wisdom and understanding of Your love.  Send them ministering spirits from above.  Set their feet firmly upon solid ground.  Teach them doctrine which is pure and sound.  Holy Spirit comfort them through the day and night.  Lead them on straight paths, teach them when and how to fight.  Provide them with counsel and godly decisions.  Grow them up to be Godly men and women.  Jesus, let them know You are their dearest friend.  Hold them tightly as they endure to the end.  Father, destroy all weapons formed against them, and as they submit to You, win battles against sin.  Father, send each one a spouse designed just for them.  One Who will continue this journey of knowing You with them.  Give them children who walk in Your ways.  Let them be parents whose examples lead to You all their days.

I come against any stronghold made because of me, and repent here today, Lord publicly.  Lord, cover them in Your son’s blood.  Raise a standard against any enemy who comes in like a flood.  Give them beauty for ashes and strength for fears, gladness for mourning and peace for despair.  Father, I ask You for promises fulfilled in each one of their lives.  Grow them uprightly, in spite of me, before Your eyes.  Lord, where Ive failed them, make them stronger than I, and give them wisdom to be my teacher as the years go by.  Father, they need Your love to stand as light among men.  They need Your Word written inside of them.

Father, a Mother’s prayer is her source of hope each new day.  A hope  for her children in You to remain.  Help me to remember to draw from Your Word and from Your Spirit to teach them all things of Your love.  Father as I seek You this morning and pray, let them see You in me everyday.  Its in the name of Your Son, Jesus, I ask  for this mother’s prayer to come to pass.  Amen


2 responses to “A Mother’s Prayer

  1. michael says:

    Mom, I think it is cool how you said prayer is a mother’s source and helps her go on everyday taking care of her kids. Michael

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