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Psalm 91:4 HE shall cover you with HIS pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge…

Small Beginnings

on October 21, 2010

Considering tonight the path of life we have been chosen for- a pilgrimage into a prosperous land where provision flows in abundant measure and freedom to live fully in incomprehensible pleasures awaits a heart in love with its Creator.

The beginning  of the journey seems small but sure of endless possibility, and so we march forth confidently and a little proud.  The path shows to be narrow in places filled with rocks and bumps and twists and turns.  This path is but a gateway of progressive drawings to One Who is ever beckoning us to endure to the end and so we cannot despise these small beginnings or look at the hardships surround the form of it.  As we press forward into the days, and months, and years there are moments we stop to look at the road behind us and all of the places we wandered away from the path.  We  picture again the pain we caused ourselves and others as our feet turned to seek what appeared as treasures.  We keep in mind how hard and hopeless it felt as we made our way back to the place we left off- certain we would never wander away again.  Shuddering as we consider the possibility we may have never been granted the chance to return and any pride we once had slips away.   But tender mercies had a different plan for us and a way to turn around was given.  We see the ground where our footsteps dug in deep in moments of heartache as we worked so hard to stay rooted in one place when all the while we needed to keep pressing forward.  Then there are places where our feet hardly touched the ground as we ran swiftly ahead. We envision times of joy, like when we held our first child, or accomplished a great work, and times of peace when all was well.  As we run we ponder a moment the places where we might not have continued if it wasn’t for One calling us on still further.  Briefly, we feel the old heaviness as our emotions are triggered by some of those memories, but then swells of thankfulness fill our heart with praise.  We remember those we left behind and crawl on our hands and knees with tears drops streaming into the dirt and we pause again and get up .  We take a deep breath and we run yet further ahead and the road becomes enclosed around us as enemies from the dark woods surrounding our path reach out to drag us away with fear, lies and fortune.  Mockers and scoffers sneer at us and tell us this path is a waste of our life.  The path seems to only appear as we plant our feet firmly one in front of the other into the moist soil hoping that we are not running over a cliff.  Then we hear a word of compassion calling out our name and barely escape the enemies illusions as we call out for help.   Just in time the sun breaks through the dark night and once again lights our way.  Now we walk on with confidence because we made it through the night and along the path clear water for quenching our thirst also brings relief to our soul.  Again provision has been made for our journey to continue and we smile and have a bit of a skip in our step.

Growing nearer the end of this path we see the hope of our calling and the prize for which we have been running toward and we run as fast as our legs will carry ever wondering why we spent so much time looking at pleasures which could never satisfy the deep hunger in our souls.  We persevere running full force to what we think is the end of the path to find a new beginning in the arms of the One Whose voice called out to us all along the way.  And, as He embraces us we look into His eyes and know that every moment we were not alone and every misstep made was turned into a way to move us further still.  In awe we realize it was ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’  and it was He Who laid our foundation before us.  What started as a small beginning on a narrow pathway ended in the fulfillment of all of our dreams.  All Who saw our race run to the end rejoice with us as we look ahead into the ages to come – into new paths to be run.


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