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Psalm 91:4 HE shall cover you with HIS pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge…

Mom with Special Needs

on November 11, 2010

You want to know the hardest part about being a single Mom?  You have special needs.  Needs that are burdensome for others.  Needs which cause others to treat you with disdain.  Needs that somehow make others pity you however they are irritated because they feel responsible to do something yet at the same time it stirs up anger and strife within  them because why should they have to be the one to take up where you can’t handle things.  After all you put yourself in this position.  Being a single Mom means that you often have ask for help and be ready to hear a thousand reasons why no one has the time.  It means sometimes the special needs are you can’t pay all your bills, or you have to wait in line at the local food pantry, or you desperately need someone who will listen to you when you say your sons need godly role models, not just in passing with a high-five and a hows it going.  Sometimes single Moms are tired and need a break. Sometimes they wish they could take the mail out of the mailbox and for once not see a letter asking why their payments are late. But there are other unmet special needs single Moms have such as; another adult who they can turn to when they are feeling alone, or just want to share something special.  A single Moms special need may just be to have another adult hug her for a minute or two without letting go.  She may just need another adult to stop by out of the blue to pray with her, or to receive a note in the mail, or to get flowers.  She may need a babysitter or someone to run errands or someone to just sit and hold her hand, because her day has been so exhausting and she is weepy and unsure of the future.  Maybe she just needs a nap every once in a while.  Maybe she needs a man to discipline and teach her kids, not because she can’t, but because they need it.  Maybe her special needs are not visible to the eye and only through having a good listener present will that need be made known.  Maybe she needs you to ask her what her needs are.  A special need might be that she needs a family or families to come alongside of her and be her family.  One that accepts her and her kids.  Single Moms are like other Moms who have needs only there isn’t someone present and available right in the moment.  I have spoken with many single mothers and what they need is for someone to understand without judgment or being told its their fault or they can do better.  Maybe they are widowed or their husband left them.  Maybe they adopted or they had a child out-of-wedlock.  Their past really isn’t the point, really-is it?  Do you know a single Mom with special needs?  Can you lay your life aside for a moment and help her…chances are you might just be saving a life or lives by one simple act of mercy.  Its God’s heart for the these special needs to be met.  Love her today…please.


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