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Change Your Perception and Persevere

on November 16, 2010

Thinking about the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah as I find some of myself in his suffering.  The Spirit moved in him in much sorrow, and with many tears over the tragic sin and exile of God’s people during his time.  Because of this, judgment and destruction was their portion.  Jeremiah’s heart was torn between both the exile and the future restoration of God’s people and longed for them to turn their hearts back to the God and come to know His Spirit intimately.

Thinking of all that is happening around us today, whether it be today’s present evils, family members in sin, children in rebellion, betrayal of relationships, hardships and trials, or be it insecurities and daily difficulties of life, one’s mind can easily be overcome with oppression.  Thoughts give way to the accuser whose goal is to keep his victims so pressed down they become ineffective beings.  Hopelessness sets in and all is a lost cause.

But there is another choice.  A change in perspective is needed.  When looking upon circumstances and all which seems wrong in our lives, why not step back, and refocus our thoughts.  Take a look at what the Lord is saying about the same thing.  How does HE view what is happening.  God gives tears and weeping in times of sin and heartache as well as He gives laughter in times of joy and over His forgiveness and mercies.  So how does He see what appears all wrong in our lives?  How do we even begin to imagine it from His viewpoint?

First, refocus your thoughts by asking Holy Spirit if the Father is seeking to accomplish a working out of something and what is your role in it.  More times than not  His desire is to use the same tool the enemy desires to destroy us with to make us into His likeness and into the Kingdom people He created us to be.

Secondly, begin to think on things that are noble, true, lovely, pure, things worthy of praise…  (Phil. 4:8) Especially, think on God’s character and how He has been faithful in the past.  In Lamentations 3 Jeremiah began remembering the Lord in the midst of all he thought was going wrong in his life and the world around him.  He dared to change his perception and hope arose once more as He remembered God’s unending love.  He remembered the Lord’s faithfulness and mercies brought forth in each new day.  In Philippians 4  Paul tells us he is focusing all his energies on this one thing, forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead-His inheritance.  A faith persevering unto the prize of His calling.  He goes on to tell us we are citizens of heaven and to rejoice!  Don’t worry but instead pray about everything.  Learn to be content in all situations and seasons and we can do everything in Christ who gives us strength.  Paul said the things he once thought worth being concerned over and thought to be important were only garbage and worthless in comparison to knowing Jesus.  Once we have this same perspective all else fades.

This morning I was reading an article by a sister whose name eludes me (I cant find the article now to quote her exactly) who was saying she was discouraged one day and asking the Lord where He was and was He even hearing her prayers, and expecting to hear Him say, Yes My child, she was boggled by the response of  “Count Your Blessings Backwards”  Thinking back she was reminded of how he fulfilled a desire of her heart in such an unexpected way, and became encouraged at that moment.  Remember the Lord’s faithfulness and goodness in your life and encourage your self in Him.  Tell your testimony of these times to a friend.  Stir up inside of you again the joy those times brought forth, but don’t stop there.

Go with me a minute to Isaiah 58:6-12.  This passage tells us how to escape our own weariness and oppression.  It shines a light on God’s heart for His children.  Isaiah tells us that when we set at liberty the captives we too shall be set free.  WHEN we humble ourselves and put aside for a moment what pains us to re-leave the pain of another, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the orphan, THEN our healing will come, THEN the light shines on our problems and we too are released from those things holding us captive.  And, in unseen places, we receive a place of honor and our full inheritance.  Glory be to God!

Beloved count it all Joy when sufferings abound.  Discount everything else, but His love.  Jeremiah’s desire was for those who he spoke to to find peace.  He cried tears over the pain and destruction when his words -the Lord’s words-fell upon deaf ears.  Friends, destruction doesn’t have to rule over your life.  Refocus your thoughts and change your perceptions.  Encourage your self in the Lord and be the lifter of someone else’s head.  Persevere in faith and before long your trial is over, God has worked in you and for the benefit of others, and His great name has been glorified in you.  You may be pressed-but not crushed!  You may be persecuted, but you are not abandoned! You may get struck down, but you will not be destroyed!

Change your perception and persevere!


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