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Psalm 91:4 HE shall cover you with HIS pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge…

You Are Beautiful!

on December 9, 2010

You (insert your name) were formed from the depths of My heart, with all my wisdom you were set apart.

Intricately woven, decadently made in awesomeness of likeness you were wonderfully made.

My hand is imprinted in the cells of your skin, my breath is pulsating inside you from deep within.

You were in my thoughts from the beginning and in them there is no end.  I spared no cost to call you friend.

Every part of you has intimate detail, Every hair, every dimple, every freckle, every nail.

Your laugh, Your personality, your smile and your cry were all spoken into existence with perfection in mind.

My heart was filled with joy as I created your face, as I imagined your talents and skills, a smile came to My face.

All of your desires were given to you by Me, your hopes and dreams inspired with greatness for you to conceive.

The way you love, the way sing, the way you walk, the way you dance are all unique.  Even the tone of voice when you speak.

It is I who examines your heart and knows everything you need.  I chart you path and your race will be run with the correct speed.

Your cells are wonderfully complex and you were fearfully knit together and formed with care and in kindness and love I counted each hair.

My thoughts of you are innumerable and precious to Me.  They outnumber the salt in the seas.

My gaze is upon you always and it never turns away.  My love for you is endless and My hopes for you are limitless.

Your spirit was given with thoughts of the lives you would bless. Every one was considered, every one was confessed.

Creativity was implanted for the work you do. Wisdom and knowledge all set in motion for you.

All I wanted in the building of you was to have a family who in return loved me too.

Why do you question who you are and why you were made?  Look to me I will show you the plans beforehand outlaid.

You were a gift to My Self, and I dont make mistakes.  Look again and you will see you’ve got what it takes.

You were made to stand before princes and kings with confidence in the One who provides everything.

Stand there knowing you are of a greater creation of Royal, and know all of heaven declares YOU ARE  BEAUTIFUL!

This post was inspired because I have been speaking tot he Lord about why so many people are playing games and asking what folks think of them on Face book.  His response was given me in a dream this morning.  What is written here.  He told me that they many dont know their worth and how very much they are loved.  He said tell them I love them.  Tell them they are beautiful to me and tell them I long to show them their worth.  It feels goo to have those we love speak highly of us, and their love cannot compare to the One Who is Love.  Listen to HIS words-You are Beautiful!


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