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Psalm 91:4 HE shall cover you with HIS pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge…

In the Silence

on December 28, 2010

In the silence I hear you speaking
Loud and clear your love proclaimed

Trickling down from rushing fountains
Reaching out through eternal flames

In the silence my heart ponders
the whispers from your piercing sighs

Always reaching, forever guiding,
Your love unending, never dies

In the silence other voices
taunt and rattle vicious lies

But beneath the noise and clamor
Truth prevails and You arise

Softly holding all my wanderings
Closely held within Your might

Until the silence breaks forth brightness
And encamps me with Your light

In the silence my heart beats wildly
Your love never pushes me aside

Holding me close within Your countenance
I encounter Your reflection deep inside

In the silence You are with me
While my soul becomes contrite

Til the madness of the silence
Becomes to me a great delight

In the silence You are speaking
Everlasting hope is Your love proclaimed

Pouring forth the oil of gladness
Flowing from unending veins

In the silence here You meet me
Thundering out Your glorious songs

Your reign quiets all within me
In the silence You’ve become my song

Cindy Millsap 6/6/2010 10:30 pm


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