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Psalm 91:4 HE shall cover you with HIS pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge…

Havent We Dwelt Here long Enough

on December 29, 2010

We have run around this mountain
time and time again,
when will we stop and remember we were once brothers, sisters, friends?
Promises once made in love made our friendships strong.
Those promises turned to broken dreams and everything went wrong.
Covenant is a word we no longer understand,
We’ve traded it for impure thoughts and with our covetous demands !
False accusations, misunderstandings, and confusion bring us pain and disbelief,
We should realize they came from the one and only THIEF !!!
Our offenses caused defenses to rise from deep within,
and on to bitterness and anger and now we’re all in sin.
Our pride just won’t let us admit when we’re severely wrong,
there was a time we joined hands and sang in joyful song.
With calloused minds and pointed fingers we rip and tear apart,
How dare we judge what we can’t see in each other’s hearts?
We make idols of “OUR own rights,” “OUR busyness,” “OUR ministries” “OUR beliefs,”
When all the while the Holy Spirit says we only bring HIM grief.
Jesus said, “No greater love has a man than to lay down his own life,”
But our unclean hands and hautiness bring forth jealousies and strife !
Our itching ears reveal our hearts as do the lies we have believed,
Satan has had his way and we have been deceived !
Our discontented, wounded hearts have now turned hard as stone,
Its no longer necessary to say, “I’m sorry I sinned against you,” and so… we stand alone.
After all, we’ve already been justified, our current sin no longer matters,
And so our walls are broken down, and our hearts are torn and battered.
The lies we hear from hurt we feel have kept us from retrieving,
the blessings of the Lord we should have been receiving.

But we should think on things eternal, and not on what we see,
For with God all things are possible,
if only we’d believe!
Can we trade our pain and sorrow
For a more abundantly blessed tomorrow? or
Will we sit here in our brokenness and shame until we die?
A broken heart and contrite spirit HE has yet to deny?
I wonder what would happen if to Jesus we all came,
together in one accord to bring glory to HIS name…
This should be our main focus and our common ground.
Let’s put on the mind of Christ and bring the enemy’s kingdom down!
Haven’t we dwelt here long enough or shall we sit here til we die?
When Jesus is praying to the Father as HE hears our humble cries.
We are overcomers, more than conqueres in HIS name!
The joy HE wants to bring to us will only bring HIM fame!
The foundation on which we started was rooted and grounded in Christ’s love,
Though storm tossed, bruised, and beaten, we still seek answers from above.
Can we remember once again we are brothers, sisters, friends?
Can we forgive one another, and ourselves and begin again?
Can we love again with all our hearts, our souls, our strength, our minds,
and bring forgiveness to each of us for being so unkind ?
Can we serve each other with unconditional love and care,
and give Jesus all our burdens that only HE can bear?
Can we leave this wilderness, kill these giants, take a mighty stand,
And walk triumphantly together into the Promised Land…
Haven’t we dwelt here long enough or Shall we sit here til we die?
Shall we just continue to believe in all of Satan’s lies?


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