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My Trip to Guatemala by Hayleigh Millsap

on April 23, 2011

Last summer my church took a group of people to Guatemala for a seven day missions trip.  After the plane landed, we drove to Zone A, the Red Zone in Guatemala City.  The Red Zone is where most of the crimes happen.  We stayed in a place called Seteca, a local Bible College.  Our mornings began with prayer and devotions and seeking the Lord for what was yet to come.  After prayer and devotion, we went out on the streets to perform skits and dramas, and minster to people who did not know the Lord. 

While in Guatemala, we teamed up with a church who helped us with the feeding program called The Fathers House; an organization feeding the widows, the fatherless, and the orphaned.  Our team spent two whole days feeding the kids, playing with them, and most importantly showing the love of the Father.  The next day we went to a place called The Dumps.  The people live in tin huts with sheets covering their doorways.  The children there live and play barefoot in
the garbage.  I hurt for them.

Day four of our trip we drove two hours to a place called Antigua.  They gave us a day and a half to rest or go to the markets and buy souvenirs for our families back home.  While in Antigua, we visited Catholic orphanage, where kids with deformities and disabilities lived.  We fed and played with them and loved on them so they would know they were loved even though their own parents gave them up.  Again, I hurt so badly for them.

After we left Antigua, we went back to Guatemala City to get ready for the crusades we would be having for the next two days.  It took us a couple of hours to set up everything, and the Pavilion began filling up with the people.  The crusades around a  thousand people attend.  The services lasted three to four hours long.  Afterward, we had a time of fellowship and gave bags of rice and beans to each family that came.

While in Guatemala, I learned I should not take things for granted, and I should be grateful, because those kids have nothing to look forward to unless they have the hope of Jesus.  I fell in love with those kids and wanted to bring them all home with me to show them there is hope and there are people in this world who care.  I hope someday soon I can return to show them the love of the Father all over again.

If you would like to help send me on missions trips this year please use the Paypal button here on our site and mark it Missions for Hayleigh.  Thanks!


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