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My Missions Trip to Guatemala by Hannah Millsap

on April 28, 2011

Last summer I had the opportunity to go on a seven day missions trip to Guatemala.  We stayed at Seteca Bible College.  Every morning we all came together with worship and prayer and to discuss the activities for the day.  Our weekly activities would include prayer walks, street ministry, and visiting The Father’s House, a local food ministry feeding the orphaned, fatherless, and
widowed.  Some of the families from the Guatemalan church joined hands with us in ministering to the people of Guatemala.

 On the streets of Guatemala, we ministered to the people through dancing, dramas, and skits.  On our prayer walks we went into the stores and prayed for the businesses to “make good business.”  At the end of the day we had a church service and every night a different leader from our group ministered to the people.  While in the services, the little Guatemalan children would come and sit in your lap.  It was obvious they were in need of much love.

 The fourth day of our trip we took time off to visit a little town called Antigua.  We shopped in their markets, ate in local restaurants, and walked the cobblestone streets of this beautiful town.  That day we also visited an orphanage with children in wheelchairs who have mental disabilities.  They could not walk, talk, or feed themselves.  We talked, prayed, and played games with them.  My heart was sad for these little ones, but also I was happy they were being cared for and loved.  The fifth day we drove back to Guatemala City and readied ourselves to go to the mountains to do further ministry.  In these Crusades there were one-thousand adults and children wanting to be loved  on.  At the end of every service we had an alter ministry where our team would stand at the alter and pray for the people.  We saw many healings these services.  The next day we joined with the feeding program again to feed the children breakfast and lunch.  In between meals we played games and took pictures with the kids.

Our last day in Guate we went to church to say our goodbyes, and then we got on a bus headed for the airport.  As I was sitting on the bus I remembered the things I saw and it made me thankful for all I have, because these people have nothing.  Everyday I think of my friends in Guatemala and how much I cannot wait to see them again.  I enjoyed experiencing their culture and the way they live.  Hopefully soon, I can go and visit again.

This summer I would like to go to Haiti to help a ministry called God’s Ministry in Loganave.  Our organzation helps support missionaries,  Berno and Laura Dalla who are in the process of building a school, clinic, and orphange there.   If you would like to support me for this trip, please use the Paypal button on the side of this blog or email me for a mailing address at underhiswings6@gmail.com  Thank You!


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