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Occupying the Land

on June 6, 2011

For you will soon be bursting at the seams.  Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities.
Isaiah 54:2-4

Often I am taken back to the passage in Isaiah 54 as it so very much fits my life and my family.  But this particular passage stands out yet again.  It has come so many times over the years just before the Lord would send another child or in direct answer to prayer of what I am doing here with the children and why He has given them to me.  This morning once again I find myself drawn to this verse.  We have been bursting at the seams for quite some time and are in desperate need to enlargen our borders and stretch forth our tent.  But what seems to be leaping forth from the word this morning is the second sentence in this passage.  Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities.  The children I am raising will do this. The older ones already have a heart for the nations.  They within themselves are nations being raised up to retake territory for the sake of the Good News.  My heart is perplexed this morning and full of wonder of what is to come as they walk out their destinies in Christ Jesus. They were all placed here in this time and place, in this family, as brothers and sisters, with me as their Mother for a purpose.  As foolish as it may seem to onlookers, God uses it to confound the wise.  It baffles me and here am I in the midst of it all, putting a puzzle together without the picture on the outside of the box.

Lord, keep me attentive to your ear.  Help me to rise to the occasion of being a mother of many nations from a seemingly invisible place.  Help me in humility yield to Your promptings as I raise up these little ones.  Our hope and trust is in You alone as we walk this out. Bring us Lord out of this wilderness into a place of free-flowing abundance and favor fulfilling Your purposes and Your plans for each of their lives.  Help them to enter into the land and occupy. We want to follow after Your spirit with complete resolution and surety in our hearts that we heard from You.  Father, Find us faithful once again.  In Jesus Name

I will give the land to your little ones—your innocent children. You were afraid they would be captured, but they will be the ones who occupy it.
Deuteronomy 1:38-40


2 responses to “Occupying the Land

  1. Marie says:

    The picture may not be on the box of your puzzle, but it is plain to all who know you. It is the picture of great faith, and it is very beautiful! The picture is of Jesus in you.

  2. Thanks Marie. That is humbling. You do encourage me so!

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