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Home & Property Fundraiser!

on September 24, 2011

Exciting News!!

Home & Property Fundraiser

We are filled with great pleasure as we share with you that Atlanta Revival Center under the leadership of Pastor Vance Murphy is covering us as a family and in ministry. Additionally, they are helping us to secure a home and property for the fulfilling of the vision and call of UHW. ARC will be taking donations specifically for this purpose and once we have reached our goals we will be purchasing a home & property to accommodate all ministry needs. We are asking for you to prayerfully consider how you as an individual, family, business, or organization could play a role in partnering with us to complete our goals. Please see our website for further details. Stay tuned for future updates!

All financial contributions are tax deductible.  There are several ways to partner with us.

1.  Use the PayPal button on the right and mark for property

2.  Make checks, money orders, or cashiers checks out to Atlanta Revival
& mark in the FOR : Cindy Millsap/UHW Property.
Mail to Under HIS Wings CC, Inc. 3719 Paul Street Douglasville, Ga.

3.  Make contributions directly to UHW for general operating funds.

4.  Organize and host a fundraiser for us.

5. We are currently in need of new transportation and would like an Automatic SUV
that will hold up to 8 people.   Please mark donations accordingly.   This can
be made directly out to UHW.  A vehicle could be directly donated to UHW.

A Word from Pastor Vance:

I am thrilled and so excited about supporting Under His Wings ministries.  Cindy Millsap has captured the heart of God and is giving children not only hope but a future.  It’s my personal desire to help her purchase her own land along with a bigger home to care for even more children.  I would also like to find and purchase a great vehicle big enough to transport all her children around.  James 1:22 has been one of my life long scriptures and I believe UHW is fulfilling this in our very midst.  Let’s grab the heart of God with Cindy and see great things accomplished for the Kingdom of God.
Vance Murphy/Senior Pastor
Atlanta Revival Center


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