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Psalm 91:4 HE shall cover you with HIS pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge…

Someone To See

on March 19, 2012

PSalm 91:4 He shall cover your with His pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge...Today the Lord gave me a vision of the life of a young girl.  I would like to share it with you. 

I saw her first at 12.  She was standing at her back door step watching her father beat her mother’s head into the top of a car. He beat her so hard the mother fell to the ground and the girl screamed in anger.  She was told to go inside.  She went to bed that night with her mother laying out on the ground not knowing whether or not she was dead.  The girl was afraid and no one was there for her.

I saw her again sleeping in a car with her mother and sister after yet another fight.  I saw her go to school after being afraid to sleep in the car.  Then at school acting out and her teacher calling her a trouble maker.  I saw this girl crying for some one to see her.

Then I saw her again with her brothers and sister.  The mother and father were fighting again.  All of the kids slept across a twin bed afraid and no one was there for them. I saw her being abused.  I saw things happening to her that should never happen to a young girl.  I saw her wondering when some one would see her.

I saw this same girl at other times in her life.  Pretending to have practice after school at 15 and hiding in a room, so she didn’t have to go home. She never had anyone see her.  She never had anyone show up.  She was called names by her father, by others in her family, by friends, and by teachers, who said she would never amount to nothing.  I saw this girl hoping and waiting that someone would see her heart and the love she had for them.  As she grew up she was told she was unproductive and would never be anything.  All this girl wanted was someone to see her.  Someone to tell her she was going to be okay.  Someone to see who God created her to be.

In other countries its apparent that little children who are poor and destitute are in the open.  There lack is apparent.  Their abuse is known by all.  The girl in my vision lived right here in our city, in our community.  Maybe you knew her. Maybe she sat next to you at church.  Maybe she smiled at you. Maybe she just sat there hoping you would see her.  This little girl wanted so much to love and to be loved.  To be cherished and to be held.  She so needed her father to speak into her life, and to do fun things with her.  She needed him to be kind.  She so wanted her mother and her father to be healed from their own hurts.

My heart for Under HIS Wings is folks will become aware that there are children in our own hometown who are hurting.  The trauma they live in daily creates a lifelong impact.  Their brains develop differently.  Their emotions are impacted.  The way they see perceive and make decisions are impacted.  Someone please see the importance of our ministry and others like ours.  Children need stability and freedom from the hindrance of fear.  I know first hand, because the vision the Lord gave me today was of different periods in my own life.  He was reminding where I came from, and of why it hurts my heart so when I cannot help others to see what is happening here.  (I would like to say my mother received healing and is loving children too.  She is  a great over-comer and my hero.)  Jesus saw me and He made it known and He called me to do the same for the children.

The Lord gave me the vision for Under HIS Wings so more could be done for the children in our community.  To provide permanency and stability to those in need. To provide help to mothers who are in need.  Thus far it has been possible in the home we are in but now we need to expand, to continue to walk in the vision.  Our purpose in this life is appointed by God.  The things which happened in my life make my heart cry out to those who need the same comfort I needed.

I have been asked on many occasions, isn’t the foster care system taking care of them?  Can’t you get on welfare to help?  Why don’t you get food stamps?  This isn’t about my personal family.  We are not lacking food.  I started UHW before I adopted any of the children.  I adopted them because of it.  To share the heart of the Father for them for their lives. To train them up in the way they should go.  The way He has planned for each of them.  Each of them ordained by God to be with me.  There are more we could care for with your help.  The bible tells us that true and undefiled religion is to care for the widow and orphan in their time of need and to keep yourself unstained from the world.  (James 1:27)  I don’t use the world’s system and their way of doing things to care for them because they are God’s children.  He intends for the church to do it.  The world system does its best for what it is.  Everyone can’t adopt, but everyone can obey his command and be doers of the word in helping those who can.

All children, all people, are important.  We all need somebody to believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. The people in your life should be calling out the greatness on the inside of you, and you should be doing the same for them. My plan is not grandiose.  All I have is love.  All I have is Jesus.  All I have is myself to be given to those who need someone to see them.

Please consider helping me do this for the least of these. Please “SEE” them with me.  They are not out in the open.  They are hidden behind doors.  They are hungry.  They are thirsty.  They are hopeless and in pain. They are in need of freedom.  They are in need of time.  They are in need of love.  Let the little children come unto Him.  Help to place them Under HIS Wings.  Please help me and be for them “Someone to See.”


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