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Preperation & Ordered Steps

on April 11, 2012

  Yesterday I went on a field trip to the zoo with Jesse’s Pre-K class.  Walking around with the students and their parents I began to think over the 18 years I taught school and all of the things that go along with being a teacher.  I began thinking about college, all of the planning, all the preparing, all the parent conferences, teaching the children, the field trips, the administration, projects and the list goes on.  This led to thoughts of being a foster parent and all the dealings with birth parents, court systems, psychiatrist, physiologists, doctors, case managers, visitations, hurting families, traumatized children, adoptions, speaking to new groups about foster care and what happens to the developing brain of a traumatized child.  Thoughts of making posters, and pamphlets, and brochures for doing in – home tutoring and in – home respite care.  Then the planning and preparing and fundraising to gain the 501(3) status for Under HIS Wings CC, Inc.  and on to four adoptions and everything it takes to be a good parent and to do it well raising six children, some with special needs, without a spouse.  Raising a child with severe behaviors and special needs, homeschooling, teaching the Word, modeling the Word, rearranging the furniture and rooms  over and over to bring another child into our home. Ministering to women, building websites, more fundraising, more brochures, and flyers, more administrating and being overlooked many times, and even being a single parent for all of these years has been preparation to comfort and teach and encourage other single women to lead healthy productive lifestyles for the benefit of a better life for them and their children. Don’t ever judge anyone whose shoes you haven’t walked in or let anyone judge you. There are certain things you will never understand from the outside. Nobody knows what they would do until they are in your shoes -how dare they judge when they dont walk where you walk! 

While contemplating all of this two parents in the group began bickering with one another.  The bickering progressed into reoccurring cursing one another throughout the day. And I thought, “God I remember why I didnt like teaching.  So much of it seemed like such a great waste of time.”  Holy Spirit quietly and said, “no it was all preparation for what is coming.  Everything in my life up til now has played an important role in training and preparing me,  and my family for the walking out of the vision.  The process has also been the walking out of it.  I have been doing the vision all these years.  Whats coming is more of the same only to greater capacity.  The enemy is not concerned about our past.  He is afraid of our future and the multitudes of lives that will benefit by Kingdom Living at and in our home. 

Our next goal, to get a home and property, is a great threat to the kingdom of darkness and it is why we have been fought so very hard on it.  There are always the dealings with those who dont see, or believe.  Tragically those crippled by disappointment tend to kill the dreams of others to keep them from disappointment.  And then there are those promises to help from well meaning people only to be found broken or lying dormant and they are all part of satan’s plan to thwart the great glory God has coming to Him.  But his plans will be made to no avail as God will still always get the greater glory when the enemy means to harm us.  We will find a way.  There is always provision for a vision.  There is always a way to meet a need.  Wisdom will come to us or someone who not only hears but is willing to commit to what they say they believe.  My 5 year old has decided that he is going to do 20 pushups and 50 situps every night. He has done them the last three nights with no reminders. Gotta love his commitment! 

A pig enjoys wallowing in its mess. But Sheep thrown in the same mud whole will cry and want out. But not the pig, it just keeps wallowing there.  I’d rather get out of the boat and walk three feet and sink then to never get out. Here is my dream Lord – the one You gave me. Grab my hand.

Prevailing Faith expresses itself with works and corresponding action and is not just a passing thought. You commit to whatever you believe. Commitment validates whatever you say you believe.  I am committed to walk this mission out all my days.  God never demands conduct that He doesn’t first empower us to achieve.  Grace is ever present.

Bishop Dale Bronner said: “A dream is the seed of possibility planted in the soul of a human being, which calls him to pursue a unique path to the realization of his purpose.”

Father thank you for all these years of preparation and for ordering my steps.  Steps takes us upward and with each one we are closer to our destiny.  In Jesus Name we will step it up!


2 responses to “Preperation & Ordered Steps

  1. Great insight and encouragement for all of us!

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