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Fatherlessness – A Growing Epidemic

on April 28, 2012

Father substitute:
A male who replaces an absent father and becomes an object of attachment.


Without a parent, not authorized, supported, or funded; not part of a system; isolated; abandoned

Fatherlessness is not just a picture of a child without a Dad.  It is an outward picture of an inward depravity.  A male who does not understand his Identity will never feel anything more than that he is an orphan.  Therefore he has a survival mentality.  He is out for his own good, and is incapable of being a “good daddy.”  He must encounter the Good Father – God -Who came in the form of Jesus as a substitute attachment.  A way of adoption as a son.  Just because a man claims to be a “Christian” does not mean He knows who He is in Christ.  Justice was executed for the the fatherless when Jesus was crucified.  A way has been made.  We need true “fathers” discipling “sons.”  This is a spiritual matter.  The problem is far greater than men walking out on families and women sleeping around.  Only when a man no longer sees himself as an orphan (whether consciously or not) will he be able to father a child in the whole sense of the term and be able to also become a father substitute for a child who has been left orphaned, abandoned or without a father.

This also applies to mothers who have not attached themselves to the substitute given.  They are always looking for the father’s love through false relationships and so goes the cycle.

Only someone who has truly encountered Father God and his heart for them can become a father to another.  Whether it be a child from his own loins or another’s.   The Father’s Love gives and never leaves nor forsakes.  This is what it will look like when a man has become a son.  This is what it will look like when a man becomes a father.

Adoption is redemption in every sense of the word.  ~ A Mother’s Heart, The Father’s Love


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