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Psalm 91:4 HE shall cover you with HIS pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge…


on April 29, 2012

Emotions are a funny thing.

They make you laugh, they make you sing.

A shout of anger, a twinkled eye, an angry look, a fearful cry.

Emotions can simply sound like snickering giggle or a great symphony, a fearful child, a sigh of relief.

A perturbuation of the heart often leads to great commotion, disturbance, or a fiery spark.  Left unchecked emotions can be full of  disorder and confusion, under suspect and delusion.  Emotions become explosive intrusionsmixed with sadness, a heart in need of a transfusion.  Fearful decisions, anxiety, emotions often make one flee. 

Emotions are so beautiful when surrounded by a love within.  Affection, hugging, clapping, leaping, emotions creating joyful grins.  Twirling, shouting, dancing, running, endearment toward a faithful friend. 

Emotions create passionate longings, dreams that fall and rise in time.  Emotions give appreciation for a painting or a poem with graceful rhyme.  Enchantment for enduring love, the rapture of that love’s first kiss.   Fascination and attraction, flirtful fancies, winking eyes, emotions are full of life and bliss.

The Creator intended for us to use emotions to gain wisdom, for strength, understanding, comfort, intuitiveness.  A heart changed with a hopeful persuasion mixed with time and great kindness. 

Emotions are not to be used unwisely, but to help us along the way, love our neighbor as ourself and journey through this world unswayed. 


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