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Character NOT Caricatures

on August 24, 2012

Character NOT Caricatures

We have all seen caricature artists with their easels drawing pictures of folks who are willing to pay for them.  The pictures are often humorous and bring a smile to our face.  Physical features are usually exaggerated drawing attention to it, allowing for a good laugh and a memory of a fun time.

On the other hand, when we view people from a perspective other than God’s, and we exaggerate a specific characteristic or fault about them and do it publicly, the laughing turns to sorrow for that person.  Exaggerating a negative part of a person gives a distorted view of the whole of that person and of  God in them.  The very thing being made sport of might be what He finds beautiful in them and others might as well.  Distorted views of people should be taken more seriously.

Take God for instance.  One might see God as a judge – another as a God of mercy and love. Two attributes, both correct, but alone not the full picture.  God is merciful and gracious, but he is also just. 

Loving, caring for folks and liking them based only on what you think concerning certain aspects of their personality and then speaking of them in a way that distorts another person’s view of their character is dangerous and can cause great sorrow.   Their name and all they have worked for can be damaged.  And once more it is not a full picture of who God is making them.

Just remember the next time you see someone whom has a less desirable attribute according to your way of seeing things, that they are not a caricature to be laughed at on public display, but a creation of God and were fearfully and wonderfully made.  And when there is definition to an aspect of someones personality that you find yourself irritated with, it may be a very rare and beautiful thing God means to bless you with. 

Focus on character and NOT caricatures in the lives of those around you. 



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