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Psalm 91:4 HE shall cover you with HIS pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge…


This page is designed for blogging our organization’s, Under HIS Wings CC, Inc., Progress and our personal journey as we embark into the future of our ministry. We will also be sharing accounts of our family’s day-to-day happenings and how the Lord is working in our midst.  We are grateful to have you follow along. Please share let us know your thoughts and questions.

Welcome to Community Living!   ONE Pulse, ONE Breath, ONE Purpose

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To care for the orphaned and the fatherless in meeting their physical, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual needs by providing a family home environment which trains them up in the knowledge and Love of God. The heart of UHW is to provide a loving family for each child through adulthood.


Under HIS Wings is Christ-centered, family-oriented, and dedicated to the development of the whole child. UHW exists as an extension of the ministry of Jesus Christ. UHW strives to minister to children in a manner that will bring glory to God in meeting the needs of the children under our care.

UHW’s Forever Family Home provides an exceptional opportunity for all children including those with special needs, based on who will best benefit from our home in time of need. We accept children regardless of race, culture or religion.


To enrich the lives of children and develop character through learning and living by creating a stable and loving home environment.


UHW Every cild poster

Under His Wings was designed to look at the lives of each individual child and prayerfully consider their needs and strengths within the family unit and provide for them in a way to promote healthy growth into mature, productive adults. We believe every child has value and worth and God has a purpose for them.


Through our Classes, and Websites, UHW encourages and educates other foster/adoptive families and single parent families to become better equipped to care for their children.
Future Missions and Goals:

UHW will engage the community in which we live to elicit participation in the general development and care of our children and our clients.

UHW will work with volunteers, churches, other organizations, and individuals to promote healthy relationships in the community and abroad.
UHW will be hospitable to traveling and transitioning families for overnight stays.
Community Center with resource library, office facilities, gym, available on

site provided for community use for training & equipping families.  Further details will be provided as we progress.
UHW will shepherd over other forever family homes.


Forever Family Home Highlights 
kids playing

Love & Support

Adoption~Foster Care~ Respite Care

Every child deserves a consistent, stable, and loving home environment in which they can grow and learn.
Educating children for life at home and in the community.

Children permanently living at UHW are home schooled.

All others attend their regular school programs.

 Spiritual Training

According to the Bible. Walked out during daily living.  Everyone in our home attends church weekly, & is involved with community & international missions.

 Family Life

Every child in our home is treated as family for time spent and participates in all aspects of family life.  Every Child Deserves a Forever Family!

Life SkillsChildren learn daily living skills to help promote a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Mentors / Lovely Lil’ Ladies / The King’s Mighty Men


  “And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be thy peace of thy children.” IS.54:13

 UHW was founded in 2003, is governed by a board of directors, and is a 501(c)3 organization.


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