Under HIS Wings6's Blog

Psalm 91:4 HE shall cover you with HIS pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge…

Meet Our Founder

Cynthia Millsap (Cindy)-Daughter of God, Mother of 6, Friend & Sister, Foster Parent 18 years, Adoptive Parent, Certified Teacher-15 years, Ordained Minster of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Founder of Under HIS Wings CC, Inc. 2003

Cindy-as the director of UHW-has caught the vision (but even more so)-by grace and through faith-lives it out before the eyes of a God Who is very interested in the worthiness of her walk before Him and the ordained work that He has raised Cindy up to do.

I have always seen Cindy as having the forerunner spirit for the ophan and widow, which by the way would be challenge enough for a couple doing this Kingdom work-let alone-her doing it in the physical without a mate. But, where the physical may seem lacking, it is made up for in the spiritual. Cindy-being pierced with the heart of the Father – desiring a family, and Jesus the Bridegroom with holy jealousy-wanting a bride, walks with revelation resting on her as she doesn’t limit her God to anything, to include-how ever He would desire, to increase her as she postures her heart to “love as many as He would send.”

Literally-nations are being raised up under the roof of the Millsap home fulfilling once again in the physical-what the Lord is desiring-as He makes His great Name and Nature be known as-The Desire of the Nations.

May the Lord continue to pour forth the favor on all that partner and sow into this selfless-Kingdom work. May those that have the heart to see the Lamb receive the reward of His sufferings-receive vision from the blog and web page that make the vision and needs known.

Standing in faith with her-Evelyn Huth


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