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Psalm 91:4 HE shall cover you with HIS pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge…

Fatherlessness – A Growing Epidemic

Father substitute:
A male who replaces an absent father and becomes an object of attachment.


Without a parent, not authorized, supported, or funded; not part of a system; isolated; abandoned

Fatherlessness is not just a picture of a child without a Dad.  It is an outward picture of an inward depravity.  A male who does not understand his Identity will never feel anything more than that he is an orphan.  Therefore he has a survival mentality.  He is out for his own good, and is incapable of being a “good daddy.”  He must encounter the Good Father – God -Who came in the form of Jesus as a substitute attachment.  A way of adoption as a son.  Just because a man claims to be a “Christian” does not mean He knows who He is in Christ.  Justice was executed for the the fatherless when Jesus was crucified.  A way has been made.  We need true “fathers” discipling “sons.”  This is a spiritual matter.  The problem is far greater than men walking out on families and women sleeping around.  Only when a man no longer sees himself as an orphan (whether consciously or not) will he be able to father a child in the whole sense of the term and be able to also become a father substitute for a child who has been left orphaned, abandoned or without a father.

This also applies to mothers who have not attached themselves to the substitute given.  They are always looking for the father’s love through false relationships and so goes the cycle.

Only someone who has truly encountered Father God and his heart for them can become a father to another.  Whether it be a child from his own loins or another’s.   The Father’s Love gives and never leaves nor forsakes.  This is what it will look like when a man has become a son.  This is what it will look like when a man becomes a father.

Adoption is redemption in every sense of the word.  ~ A Mother’s Heart, The Father’s Love

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Preperation & Ordered Steps

  Yesterday I went on a field trip to the zoo with Jesse’s Pre-K class.  Walking around with the students and their parents I began to think over the 18 years I taught school and all of the things that go along with being a teacher.  I began thinking about college, all of the planning, all the preparing, all the parent conferences, teaching the children, the field trips, the administration, projects and the list goes on.  This led to thoughts of being a foster parent and all the dealings with birth parents, court systems, psychiatrist, physiologists, doctors, case managers, visitations, hurting families, traumatized children, adoptions, speaking to new groups about foster care and what happens to the developing brain of a traumatized child.  Thoughts of making posters, and pamphlets, and brochures for doing in – home tutoring and in – home respite care.  Then the planning and preparing and fundraising to gain the 501(3) status for Under HIS Wings CC, Inc.  and on to four adoptions and everything it takes to be a good parent and to do it well raising six children, some with special needs, without a spouse.  Raising a child with severe behaviors and special needs, homeschooling, teaching the Word, modeling the Word, rearranging the furniture and rooms  over and over to bring another child into our home. Ministering to women, building websites, more fundraising, more brochures, and flyers, more administrating and being overlooked many times, and even being a single parent for all of these years has been preparation to comfort and teach and encourage other single women to lead healthy productive lifestyles for the benefit of a better life for them and their children. Don’t ever judge anyone whose shoes you haven’t walked in or let anyone judge you. There are certain things you will never understand from the outside. Nobody knows what they would do until they are in your shoes -how dare they judge when they dont walk where you walk! 

While contemplating all of this two parents in the group began bickering with one another.  The bickering progressed into reoccurring cursing one another throughout the day. And I thought, “God I remember why I didnt like teaching.  So much of it seemed like such a great waste of time.”  Holy Spirit quietly and said, “no it was all preparation for what is coming.  Everything in my life up til now has played an important role in training and preparing me,  and my family for the walking out of the vision.  The process has also been the walking out of it.  I have been doing the vision all these years.  Whats coming is more of the same only to greater capacity.  The enemy is not concerned about our past.  He is afraid of our future and the multitudes of lives that will benefit by Kingdom Living at and in our home. 

Our next goal, to get a home and property, is a great threat to the kingdom of darkness and it is why we have been fought so very hard on it.  There are always the dealings with those who dont see, or believe.  Tragically those crippled by disappointment tend to kill the dreams of others to keep them from disappointment.  And then there are those promises to help from well meaning people only to be found broken or lying dormant and they are all part of satan’s plan to thwart the great glory God has coming to Him.  But his plans will be made to no avail as God will still always get the greater glory when the enemy means to harm us.  We will find a way.  There is always provision for a vision.  There is always a way to meet a need.  Wisdom will come to us or someone who not only hears but is willing to commit to what they say they believe.  My 5 year old has decided that he is going to do 20 pushups and 50 situps every night. He has done them the last three nights with no reminders. Gotta love his commitment! 

A pig enjoys wallowing in its mess. But Sheep thrown in the same mud whole will cry and want out. But not the pig, it just keeps wallowing there.  I’d rather get out of the boat and walk three feet and sink then to never get out. Here is my dream Lord – the one You gave me. Grab my hand.

Prevailing Faith expresses itself with works and corresponding action and is not just a passing thought. You commit to whatever you believe. Commitment validates whatever you say you believe.  I am committed to walk this mission out all my days.  God never demands conduct that He doesn’t first empower us to achieve.  Grace is ever present.

Bishop Dale Bronner said: “A dream is the seed of possibility planted in the soul of a human being, which calls him to pursue a unique path to the realization of his purpose.”

Father thank you for all these years of preparation and for ordering my steps.  Steps takes us upward and with each one we are closer to our destiny.  In Jesus Name we will step it up!



I have been journaling the progress, concerns, prayer requests etc. of Under HIS Wings and the children for over a year with our members and staff.  Today is Day 423 and I wanted to share our entry.

April 1, 2012 –  A little story: When Hannah and Hayleigh were born I tried to breast feed them. Being 5 weeks premature their sucking reflexes did not work properly so I had to squeeze the milk out and massage under their chins. Some told me to just give up and bottle feed them, but they would have had the same problem.  They are my children, how could I stop trying.  Not feeding them was not an option.  The Lord gave them to me to love, to care for, and to nourish.  Without me doing these things, they would die.  So I continued on….After a little while and with much perseverance and consistency, they began sucking on their own.

Under His Wings has been trying to feed, house, and educate the children and families of our community, and many times the question of giving up has been proposed.  It has been said that maybe God didn’t mean for me to do this.   At times it looks grim, but I will continue on with perseverance and consistency.  The vision was given by the Lord, just as the girls were given.  God will bring it forth just as the girls began to eat. 

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it. Isaiah 50:11

The girls are full grown, and are blooming into beautiful young women full of compassion, and maturing into the plan God has for them.  Their beginning was a little frightening.  They were so small – just 4 lbs. UHW is growing and one day it will be as the Lord sees.  Lord we trust you, because You are the God Who sees.   We believe our door of opportunity is just around the corner.

Their are 6 children picture above, rejoicing hand in hand.  With perseverance and hope, each will make the name of the Lord famous.  They are seated with Him in heavenly places.

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us — yes, establish the work of our hands” (PS. 90:17)

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Tell Me Do You See Her?

Tell me can you see her?  She’s lost and alone and a great deal afraid. 

Tell me can you see her?  She is empty inside and in need of a friend.

Tell me do you hear her?  She is calling out in all she says and does.  She looking for a place to call home. 

Tell me do you see her?  You walked past her just now. She looked down at the ground just after peering into your eyes. The shame to heavy to bear, if only someone would be there. 

Tell me can you help her, lift her burden, find her place?  Can you see the eyes of Jesus as you look upon her face? 

Tell me is she worthy to be filled with love and praise? Is there compassion and mercy for her in her days?

Tell me do you hear the whispers as she walks along the street? Do you hear the mocking of the people as she searches for a place to sleep?  Tell me are you listening, to this one I call my own? Tell do you see her, she should not be alone.

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Someone To See

PSalm 91:4 He shall cover your with His pinions and under HIS wings you shall trust and find refuge...Today the Lord gave me a vision of the life of a young girl.  I would like to share it with you. 

I saw her first at 12.  She was standing at her back door step watching her father beat her mother’s head into the top of a car. He beat her so hard the mother fell to the ground and the girl screamed in anger.  She was told to go inside.  She went to bed that night with her mother laying out on the ground not knowing whether or not she was dead.  The girl was afraid and no one was there for her.

I saw her again sleeping in a car with her mother and sister after yet another fight.  I saw her go to school after being afraid to sleep in the car.  Then at school acting out and her teacher calling her a trouble maker.  I saw this girl crying for some one to see her.

Then I saw her again with her brothers and sister.  The mother and father were fighting again.  All of the kids slept across a twin bed afraid and no one was there for them. I saw her being abused.  I saw things happening to her that should never happen to a young girl.  I saw her wondering when some one would see her.

I saw this same girl at other times in her life.  Pretending to have practice after school at 15 and hiding in a room, so she didn’t have to go home. She never had anyone see her.  She never had anyone show up.  She was called names by her father, by others in her family, by friends, and by teachers, who said she would never amount to nothing.  I saw this girl hoping and waiting that someone would see her heart and the love she had for them.  As she grew up she was told she was unproductive and would never be anything.  All this girl wanted was someone to see her.  Someone to tell her she was going to be okay.  Someone to see who God created her to be.

In other countries its apparent that little children who are poor and destitute are in the open.  There lack is apparent.  Their abuse is known by all.  The girl in my vision lived right here in our city, in our community.  Maybe you knew her. Maybe she sat next to you at church.  Maybe she smiled at you. Maybe she just sat there hoping you would see her.  This little girl wanted so much to love and to be loved.  To be cherished and to be held.  She so needed her father to speak into her life, and to do fun things with her.  She needed him to be kind.  She so wanted her mother and her father to be healed from their own hurts.

My heart for Under HIS Wings is folks will become aware that there are children in our own hometown who are hurting.  The trauma they live in daily creates a lifelong impact.  Their brains develop differently.  Their emotions are impacted.  The way they see perceive and make decisions are impacted.  Someone please see the importance of our ministry and others like ours.  Children need stability and freedom from the hindrance of fear.  I know first hand, because the vision the Lord gave me today was of different periods in my own life.  He was reminding where I came from, and of why it hurts my heart so when I cannot help others to see what is happening here.  (I would like to say my mother received healing and is loving children too.  She is  a great over-comer and my hero.)  Jesus saw me and He made it known and He called me to do the same for the children.

The Lord gave me the vision for Under HIS Wings so more could be done for the children in our community.  To provide permanency and stability to those in need. To provide help to mothers who are in need.  Thus far it has been possible in the home we are in but now we need to expand, to continue to walk in the vision.  Our purpose in this life is appointed by God.  The things which happened in my life make my heart cry out to those who need the same comfort I needed.

I have been asked on many occasions, isn’t the foster care system taking care of them?  Can’t you get on welfare to help?  Why don’t you get food stamps?  This isn’t about my personal family.  We are not lacking food.  I started UHW before I adopted any of the children.  I adopted them because of it.  To share the heart of the Father for them for their lives. To train them up in the way they should go.  The way He has planned for each of them.  Each of them ordained by God to be with me.  There are more we could care for with your help.  The bible tells us that true and undefiled religion is to care for the widow and orphan in their time of need and to keep yourself unstained from the world.  (James 1:27)  I don’t use the world’s system and their way of doing things to care for them because they are God’s children.  He intends for the church to do it.  The world system does its best for what it is.  Everyone can’t adopt, but everyone can obey his command and be doers of the word in helping those who can.

All children, all people, are important.  We all need somebody to believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. The people in your life should be calling out the greatness on the inside of you, and you should be doing the same for them. My plan is not grandiose.  All I have is love.  All I have is Jesus.  All I have is myself to be given to those who need someone to see them.

Please consider helping me do this for the least of these. Please “SEE” them with me.  They are not out in the open.  They are hidden behind doors.  They are hungry.  They are thirsty.  They are hopeless and in pain. They are in need of freedom.  They are in need of time.  They are in need of love.  Let the little children come unto Him.  Help to place them Under HIS Wings.  Please help me and be for them “Someone to See.”

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Hidden Treasure

Watching my two youngest sons play outside my window.  They are making a little land filled with a house, yard, patio, cars, etc. in the dirt for the rolie polies they caught.  Sam is describing each of the areas to me and points and says, “this is the graveyard.”   I said,  “interesting Sam, you added a graveyard.” Earlier Sam who is 9 put Jesse who is 5 in time out. When I asked him why he said, “He squished a bug.”

This week in our home, we have had quite a few discussions about death, as my daughter Hannah has had her first experience in losing a dear friend.  Sam seems to be dealing with it in his play time and asking questions like, “how do you know heaven is real?”  Hannah had been doing respite for a dear elderly woman for several months now and they became good friends.  Sam got to go over a few times and spend the day with them. 

Death is only the beginning.  It has been given for man but once to die. God intends for us to meet that death at the cross.  Everything else past that point is Life, including the leaving of our bodies behind.  This world was never meant to be our destination or our home.  We will miss those who get the blessing of going on before us.  But rejoice in knowing eternity began the moment they said Yes to Jesus.  Oh and what a beautiful thing!

Today has been a day of life in our home.  We rejoiced with Miss Louise’s family as they remembered her life, and my youngest daughter crossed over into womanhood. Explains a LOT of things going on lately.  LOL!  Life is precious.  Our treasures are hidden in our adversities.  And, as Hannah said, “You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. 

“Shika Baba” Hold on to the Father, and hold on to those you love.

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No Time to Be

No time to be afraid.  I have kids to raise.

No time to play.  There’s only so many hours in a day.

No time to fly.  Another tear stained eye to dry.

No time to dream.  Just heard another scream.

No time to be me.  Who is this I see?

No time to live.  Every day we die.

The world is spinning around and I’m caught in a slower motion.  Yet the time just passes by at the blink of my eyes.  Rising and falling likes waves on an ocean.

No time to dance, no time to sing. No time to be.  Wondering why its even inside of me.  Laying myself at the feet of the King and asking Him to meet. 

I cannot do this on my own. I am afraid to go alone. Please rescue me. Rescue me.  Please come.


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Circumstantial Evidence

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As I sit here alone I am wondering about where life is taking us for this season.  What direction is God pointing us toward?  I had really believed by now we were to be in our new home where we could continue to do the work of UHW to a greater capacity.  And yet here we are truly making the best of what we have.  We are fixing up this home the best we can, as we can get help with the things we cannot do ourselves.  Being blessed by the opportunity to have a little funds available to replace a few much needed items and believing the Lord for what we cannot purchase.  Got a great deal on some kitchen cabinets today and got a corner cabinet free.  Can’t wait until the kitchen is finished.  Just “feels” like everything has stopped and we are not going anywhere, as far as the vision.  Lord my hope is still alive.  I will always believe.  Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick.  My kids are happy and healthy.  Wondering if its time to give it up and move on.  Does this mean I really didn’t believe?  Its going on 9 years since we founded Under His Wings.  There have been so many promises spoken and so many broken.  The kids and I have persisted as the widow who went before the unrighteous judge.  Daily we thank the Lord for a new home and property other things needed to fulfill the call.  On one hand we hear keep sowing and keep believing in faith and it will happen.  We hear we must not be in faith if it hasn’t come to pass.  Its been so many years.  On the other hand we hear God must not want you to have it.  I hear we cant just sit around and wait for God to do it, I need to do something.  And then someone else tells me God says, to “just rest and quit trying so hard. He’s going to do it.”   Just rest…   According to Your Word.   God is not a man that He would lie to His children, but what about man?  Faith works itself out through love.  I love my children.  We love those who you bring to us.  Its why we are asking.   Lord the children and I are seeking Your Wisdom, Your Counsel, Your Hand to move on our behalf.  We will continue to sow, to believe, to seek, to ask.  Under HIS Wings Community Center?  Waiting to hear from You,  Your Children.

Addendum:  Dear God,  IS the van blowing up a sign to quit or that you want us to persevere?

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Reflections of 2011 Part 2


· February 13 at 9:03am

Day 37: God will mend storehouses to bring in new supply – new troops.  Father, Nehemiah had those who stood with him on the walls, who helped him build with one hand, and who held a sword ready to battle the enemy in the other.  So Father again I am asking for you to send in new troops.  In Jesus Name

· February 15 at 6:41am

Day 43: Less than 10 days to go.  Going back over everything from Day 1 til now and continuing to pray.   Pray with me that Justice will be released on our behalf and that the vision will be manifested. Praying for the home God has purposed for us-Justice for HIS children-and all provision needed. Praying for your personal ministries and provision. Look at scriptures on Justice and cry out for it to come now-God is looking for those who will call out for it-IS 59 and do it Micah 6:8 where there are 2 agreeing as in touching we shall see it done-pray!

February 21 at 8:35am

Day 44:  Have been thinking much about the children today and how very much I love them.  They are my life.

· February 22 at 8:53pm

Day 45:  Thinking of Jesus-HE said to me “Come on Cindy, Come on.” as HE called to me with His hand waving.   He did not have a beard but he had the bluest eyes and the darkest skin and His smile lit up the whole place.  He told me to “Remember what it is like to be a child-try to remember.”  Today I pray Lord that just as when I saw you so many years ago that I can remember the joy and the peace of havng no worries or casres, just as  a little child.  You know that there are only 7 days left in the 52 and in faith as a little child would have I wait on you.  I love you for calling meand for sending me and mostly for loving me.  In Jesus Name

· February 23 at 10:21am

Day 47:  this morning I have had two people so far send me notes of encouragement, some one called me last night to do the same, and well one person who is being used y the enemy emailed this morning also.  God must be really fixing to MOVE mountains!!!

· February 25 at 9:03am

DAY 49:  Did I not tell you if only you would believe you would see the glory of GOD!?!?!  Lord I do believe!!!!!!!!!!!

· February 27 at 3:18pm

Day 50:  Is today the day Lord?  I wont look back-no I wont look back.

· February 28 at 10:11am

Day 51: Miracles come from unexpected places and always in time, but always by the hand of God using His people.  Lord send the one who will obey.

· March 1 at 10:04am

Day 52 of the 52 Days of Prayer:  Let us pray.

· March 2 at 8:23am

    • Cindy ‎”If you are a God-seeker, you should expect to see the glory of God! There should be an anticipation that any day now — as you enter your prayer room or go for a walk or in a dream — the Spirit of God is going to appear to you in some marvelous and life-changing way.” — And I Will Be Found By You

      March 2 at 8:25am
    • Well today is day 53:  My I cant physically see what the lord is doing, but I walk by faith and not by sight.  I will not give up EVER!!!  March 3 at 7:58am
    • Day 54:  Really tired today, but hopeful.  Had a great word spoken over me last night.  More about things to come.  Just wish somethings  were here.

      · March 4 at 3:05pm

    • Day 55: God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. —Hebrews 6:10  Father thank you for not forgetting.

      · March 5 at 9:02am

    • God please tell me if I am asking amiss.  Thank You.· March 5 at 5:40pm
    • Day 56: lord strengthen me in Child~ like Faith· March 6 at 8:17am
    • Day 58:  Woke up this morning with hearing the words 1 Peter.  Gonna dive into it today with the children.  Continuing to wait on the Lord.· March 8 at 8:23am
    • Day 59:  Deuteronomy 3:28, “But commission Joshua, and encourage and strengthen him, for he will lead this people across and will cause them to inherit the land that you will see.”  I know this is what I am called to do.  I need to be strengthened in so many ways.  Is there no one Who will see and obey God?

      · March 9 at 7:58am

      • Day 60: Number 60 refers to time or time running out…Lord time is hsort.  We need to be about your business now.  The Word says true and undefiled religion is taking care of the widows and orphans and keeping ourselves unstained from the world.  Father this is your heart and mine.  Please being about the appointed season suddenly and soon.  In Jesus Name!· March 10 at 8:45am
      • Day 61:  Michael had a dream that I was watching a  movie called the Way of Wisdom, and that a friend was giving out dollars of faith so this morning I am praying for the Lord to give me wisdom on how to make money in a way that no one has ever thought of and the resources if needed  to do it.  Agree with me?  Also he was singing in his sleep earlier-Hes the King of glory!!!· March 11 at 7:12am

          • Also looking for the Lord to show up in an unexpected way and that I dont miss  Him.  He can appear in a vast array of disguises, ready to become visible in any circumstance or through any vessel. Jesus can be mistaken for a gardener (John 20:15) or a stranger (Luke 24:16)

            March 11 at 7:15am
          • Robin Waldrop I agree with my sister LORD that resources be made and new ideas burst forth in JESUS name. Keep working on your beautiful son michael he is very special to me and his mama. Thanks for all you have done and for all that is to come, it is all for your Glory.

            March 11 at 7:45pm
          • Robin,  Thank you for being an armor bearer for me.  You make me cry happy tears.

            March 11 at 10:25pm
          •  Day 62:  I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron: And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou may know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.
          •  –Isaiah 45:2-3
            The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one. –John 17:22   For the eyes of Jehovah run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him. –2 Chronicles 16:9 Asking for prayer over these passages.  That God will us e the hidden riches found, make straight the path, the the glory which I have been given will bring more into the Kingdom, and for my heart to be perfect toward Him that HE may show Himself strong· March 12 at 7:53am
          • Day 63:  I had a lady named Jamie Massey who is a Pastor of a church in Atlanta, prophecy over me last night.  She said she saw a large hand of a man over my head covering me and she could hear the sound of abundance of rain.  She also said that God was putting everything into Divine Order and that with the order will come the abundance.  So can everyone please pray this with me.  I had to buy parts for the van yesterday totaling over $200 and I dont have it to cover it.  I drove it as long as ai could. Rusty was here working on it.  He said he didnt know how we were driving it as the caliper on the back brake had broken off and wasnt even on anymore. Thank You Lord for keeping us safe.
              • Ending here with part 2


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